Scanning: We offer oversized scanning services, bulk scanning, as well as the Neat Scan where you can scan small items like business cards and receipts and download directly into a PDF format or special file. All scanners will scan in color or black and white, some with the ability to manage the resolution of the scan. If its graphics scanning you need, we have that covered too! Our computer rentals are equipped with a high resolution flatbed scanner.

Photo Art Reproduction: Capture your large painting or large art digitally. Recreate your captured images or just keep your valuable photos safe. Let us use our equipment to document your keepsakes.

Finishing Services: The Office offers a variety of ways to complete your job with a professional touch.

  • Folding
  • Scoring/Perforating
  • Unbind-steel binding with clear covers or without for a professional book like presentation.
  • Lamination up to 24 inches wide
Other Services Offered:
  • Fax Service
  • Notary
  • Conference Room (semi private conference area)
  • Local Artists Greeting Cards
  • Small Office Supplies/Specialty ordered Rubber Stamps
  • Classes-featuring Adobe Suite
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